Once an assessment has been completed, referrals will be done to help aid in the following:

Educational Assistance

NEPA VMA partners with area colleges and universities, including LCCC who provides a hands on platform to assist with the educational needs of veterans. NEPA VMA also provides assistance and utilizes all available resources so the veteran could finish college, learn a new skill set, and effectively incorporate their earned benefits.

Employment Services

NEPA VMA works closely with local agencies and area businesses to provide assistance with job preparation and employment searches. Assistance includes career counseling, resume writing, and employment matching.


NEPA VMA assists veterans and helps them understand all of their options regarding medications.

Counseling Services
NEPA VMA prides itself on getting to the heart of the matter for the veterans we serve. Many have been disillusioned and our counseling services are geared toward re-establishing their trust and helping them get back on track and get the help they need.

Medical Records
NEPA VMA works with the VA and other related agencies to minimize the obstacles that veterans and their family members face in their attempts to obtain medical records. We have been successful in expediting the process so that this vital information is received in a timely manner.

Drug/Alcohol Treatment
NEPA VMA has aligned itself with a number of treatment organizations and has been instrumental in its nontraditional approach and referral program to help veterans in crisis get back on track and live productive lives.

Mental Health Assessment
NEPA VMA has formed alliances with mental health professionals who can provide immediate assessments for veterans who are in need of extensive counseling and related treatment services. NEPA VMA believes it is vital to help these veterans gain access to these services as quickly as possible in order to minimize further trauma.

Discharge and Discharge Upgrades
NEPA VMA works with veterans on an individual basis to answer their questions regarding the discharge process and what applicable upgrades may
exist. NEPA VMA treats each client with the care and attention they deserve as they make their separation from active service.

Military Records
NEPA VMA has made a significant difference in helping veterans gain access to their military records and continues to break through the red tape through partnerships with veterans’ organizations.

Compensation and Pension
NEPA VMA identifies all available benefits for its veteran clientele and helps
them process their claims for compensation and pension. NEPA VMA has been instrumental in highlighting additional support that veterans are often not aware of via traditional channels.

Social Work Services
NEPA VMA bridges the gap between services provided and those that are not in order to give veterans and their families the total package. With an extensive and growing professional network, NEPA VMA helps veterans lead productive lives.

Legal Services
NEPA VMA refers clients to compassionate legal advisers when circumstances warrant that support. NEPA VMA understands the challenges that many veterans face and the importance of having a legal adviser who can help the veteran and represent their best interests.

Housing Assistance
NEPA VMA has been in the forefront of addressing the wide range of housing
issues that impact the veterans in the area. NEPA VMA has advocated to not only provide housing for veterans in need, but to help keep veterans in their homes.