Q.  Does NEPA VMA offer training to veterans?
A.  Our partnerships  with area colleges and universities, including LCCC enables us to assist with all educational needs for veterans. We provide assistance to utilize all available resources such as finishing college and learning new skill sets.

Q.  Will NEPA VMA find me a job?
A.  Our services include career counseling, resume writing, and employment matching for veterans. NEPA VMA works with local agencies and area businesses to provide assistance with job preparation and employment searches.  With our resources and flexibility, we can identify a wide range of resources for veterans and their families.

Q.  Does NEPA VMA provide legal services?
A.  NEPA VMA refers clients to compassionate legal advisers when circumstances warrant that support. We understands the challenges that many veterans face and the importance of having a legal adviser who can help and represent their best interests.

Q.  Does the NEPA VMA offer help with housing?
A.  Realizing the impact of the wide range of housing issues affecting veterans, NEPA VMA has advocates to not only provide housing for veterans in need, but to help keep veterans in their homes.

Q.  Will the NEPA VMA assist me in obtaining my discharge papers and upgrading my status?
A.  The staff at NEPA VMA works with veterans on an individual basis to answer their specific questions regarding the discharge process and what applicable upgrades may exist. As you make your separation from active service, we treat each client with the care and attention they deserve.

Q.  I need help getting my military records. Can the NEPA VMA help?
A.  We believes that veterans should have hassle free access to their records and we work toward achieving that goal. NEPA VMA can help veterans gain access to their military records and break through the red tape through its relationships with veterans’ organizations.

Q.  Who can I talk to about pension and compensation?
A.   NEPA VMA will identify all available benefits and help process claims for compensation and pension. At NEPA VMA we have been instrumental in highlighting additional support that veterans are often not aware of through traditional channels.

Q.  Who do I talk to about counseling or treatment for drug/alcohol abuse?
A.  NEPA VMA offers counseling services and we are dedicated to helping veterans re-establish trust and get back on track.  We pride ourselves on getting to the heart of the matter by providing the much-needed support.
Additionally, NEPA VMA has aligned itself with a number of treatment organizations and have been instrumental in its nontraditional approach and referral program to help veterans in crisis. NEPA VMA is not bogged down by regulations, but focused on helping veterans get the help they need.

Q.  How can I get my medical records?
A.  NEPA VMA works with the VA and other related agencies to minimize the obstacles that veterans or their family members face trying to get medical records. We have been successful in expediting the process so that this vital information is received in a timely manner.

Q.  I need help with my prescriptions. Can the NEPA VMA help?
A.  NEPA VMA helps veterans understand all of the options that are available to them in order to receive their medications. Our personal approach makes it easier to handle the needs of veterans regarding access to their medicines.