There are veterans without heat this winter

| November 22, 2012 | 2 Comments

As the weather gets colder, the calls are starting to roll in from veterans who roughed it over the summer and into the fall, but cannot make it much longer with their utilities turned off, especially the heat, roofs that leak, furnaces and water heaters that do not work, etc. There are too many situations to list why a veteran would need assistance. The fact is, that while most military members complete their service, are discharged, return to civilian life without extenuating circumstances and move on in careers and life without assistance, it simply isn’t that way for many of them.

Whether it’s PTSD, illness due to exposure to Agent Orange, accidents in the line of duty, catastrophic illness, social security checks not stretching far enough, delayed disability ratings reviews because of a huge VA backlog,  – these men and women and their families, sometimes very small children, are impacted in terribly sad ways.

Typically by the time these individuals come to our attention for assistance, it’s very late in the game, because they were warriors, because they were always used to helping others – they are proud and rightfully so, but it gets in the way of asking for help, until the situation spirals so far out of control the alternative is homelessness… They are often severely depressed, they feel despair and hopelessness, they feel devalued, they cry with and without tears at the lives they never imagined living like this.

We have a very small emergency fund we would like to grow with the help of community support to help veterans in need this winter. As an organization, we are incredibly fortunate to have dedicated veterans as volunteer leaders and community partners that help us to keep our organizational expenses to an absolute minimum. This allows us to redistribute nearly 100% of donations to veterans in need.

We know there are many very worthy nonprofits competing for your charitable contributions and we know prices of things have gone up, raises are few and far between and the economy isn’t where any of us would like it to be yet.  We know the holidays are approaching and you probably have gifts to buy for loved ones and parties to plan. Yet still, as advocates for our brothers and sisters, we must ask you to help those who put their lives on the line for all of us, in their time in need.

Please consider making a contribution today, and know that any amount you feel comfortable authorizing will help a veteran who may not receive help at all without your support.

You can mail a check to NEPA VMA, 31 W. Market St. Wilkes-Barre, PA, 18701. Please add in the memo portion of the check “Winter 2012 Giving” if you wish, so we know how to earmark your generosity.

You can also send us an electronic contribution via our convenient easy to use secure PayPal account:

We are not a large national organization who doesn’t know the community. NEPA Veterans Multicare Alliance is a community asset right here, boots on the ground, veterans serving veterans. If you have questions please reach out to us at, via phone at 570.706.2066 or through the contact us page.

Thank you for considering veterans in need for your annual giving.

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  1. Rabbi R. Karpov, Ph.D., CPRW says:

    I am posting this on SourcingKB website, which I curate; and sending it to more than one of my veteran friends as well.

    I am grateful that something is being done.

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