Lots of NEPA VMA Activity This Week!

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It’s one hot day out but it isn’t stifling our volunteers, Project Manager Karl Kaminski and Airmen from the USAF 314th Recruiting Sq. – who returned today for their 3rd day of volunteerism. Today’s work was to continue to prep the house by taking out everything that needs to go – sinks, toilet, irreparable gas furnace, plaster and lathe from many of the walls, old metal kitchen cabinets, etc. According to Karl, one more day like this and we will be ready to start renovation.

We were delighted to have WBRE-TV28 News Photojournalist Tim Haberski out with a camera catching the demolition and learning about the organization and project. We can’t wait until the evening news to see.. hopefully the story will appeal to the hearts and minds of of area businesses and contractors, all of whom would be so welcome as community partners.

UPDATE: video here on PA Homepage.

We are really focused on a new roof, new gas furnace and getting the plumbing working. It means we need shingles, a new gas furnace and an electrician and a plumber. Maybe you have ideas for material donations? A couple of contractors were out looking at the home with Sam yesterday and they will offer much needed volunteer labor. We are grateful.

Laura, the wife of an Iraq veteran, was out today – looking at the yard. She has  volunteered to be in charge of our memorial garden. We found a great spot for it. Flowers, a park bench and flagpole will add so much and be a nice place to sit and reflect. We are selling engraved bricks for the garden and hope you’ll want one.

Alex and Karla sent out about 80 letters asking for $100 contributions to area veterans service organizations last week. We hope to see positive responses in the mailbox soon. Karel and Karla have an appointment with a fine local establishment for a fundraiser – something about celebrity bartending! We’ll keep you up to date and hope to see you there.

P.S. Don’t forget August 12 – Harvey’s Lake Homecoming Relay Motorcycle Ride to benefit NEPA VMA!


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