Register for NEPA Veterans Employment Boot Camp May 31, 2012

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Veterans in Northeastern Pennsylvania searching for employment are invited to attend NEPA Veterans Employment Boot Camp, to be held May 31, 2012, at King’s College in Wilkes-Barre. The all day boot camp is coordinated by Northeastern Pennsylvania Veterans (NEPA VMA), in collaboration with the Office of Veterans’ Affairs, Department of Military and Veterans Affairs, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

The boot camp will focus on reintegration to civilian employment and have sessions on corporate culture, networking and job search, résumé and interview skills, the outlook for high demand occupations in the region and state. There will also be panels on VA healthcare and GI Bill benefits, local, state and federal employment, post-secondary education, justice outreach and discharge review. The event will culminate in a networking session with area employers committed to employing veterans and agencies that provide services to veterans and their families.

There is no cost for veterans to attend the event however, registration is required. For detailed event information and registration, click on the image below.

Please note: Registration has been extended through midnight May 30.

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  1. Derek Jankowski says:

    I would like to register for the upcoming Veterans Boot Camp on May 31st.

  2. Sherri McPherson says:

    I have just began to explore for help for veterans, as I would like to start a new career path. My story is a bit long. I know it would be fantastic to attend this event, but cannot. I plan a vigorous search once my seasonal employment ends on June 7th. I am hoping I can still find a helping hand even though I can not attend this particular employment boot camp. I know there are so many great oppurtunities out there for me. I just need a little guidance, as sometimes this new cyber world can be a little overwhelming. I sometimes think I just need to find the right place to start.
    I think finding this website was a great first step!

    Currently I am a school bus driver and a food services person because it provides a roof and food for my children and I, but now I am ready to start a new path. I find myself everyday saying that I am cabable of so much more. Even though I do love both my current jobs!

    • nepavma says:

      We’re glad to here from you Sherri! Know that our NEPA community wants to be and is there for veterans. Can you make even part of the day for the boot camp? If so, please do register and come to meet us – even if for a little while.

      But even if you can’t make it, we understand and have other assistance available. Contact us via or call us to set up an appointment to have a chat about how we might help you with a job search strategy.

      We are also working on a women’s group that will start to meet soon. Stay tuned!

      • Sherri McPherson says:

        I know this event is perfect for me at this stage of my life, so I believe it is best for me to take a day off of work to attend! So I will see you there! I’m very excited!

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