Homes on the Homefront Program

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Operation Homefront and Chase have partnered to give away 100 homes this year to military and veteran families through a new program called Homes on the Homefront. The bank is providing the homes and other support to enable Operation Homefront to administer the program.

“This program gives any vet who has honorably served his or her country, the chance to realize every American’s dream to own a home,” said Amy Palmer, Chief Operating Officer for Operation Homefront. Some of the requirements that applicants must meet include:

  1. be active duty, Guard or Reserve, or have been honorably discharged,
  2. not currently own a home,
  3. be financially capable of sustaining the home throughout an initial transition period and beyond.

Operation Homefront will provide ongoing transitional services to the families until such time the properties are actually deeded to the recipients.

Operation Homefront and Chase will match homes in the bank’s inventory with deserving families served by the nonprofit.

There is currently a home in Scranton available but you must act quickly, the application close date is March 7, 2012.

To find out more about the program and apply, go to:

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